Wine Blending Classes

Want to explore your inner-winemaker? Want to have a great time with friends and family while trying something new?

Even though red wine blends have been around for years, it wasn't until fairly recently that red wine blends have become commonly accepted and celebrated wines. Red wine blends are on track to sell more, by volume, than single varietal (100%) Pinot Noir or Merlot wines. Why? And how do winemakers make wine blends?

Explore your inner-winemaker, and learn from the winery's winemaker what makes each wine varietal and vintage unique, how to taste wine, and why the trend toward wine blends is actually a good thing.


In this class, you will:


  • Blind taste red wine varietals and vintages from our bottles and barrels;

  • Discuss what makes each red wine unique; and

  • Explore your inner-winemaker and make and cork your own take-home bottle of blended red wine!

Classes can last 2+ hours, please plan your schedule accordingly. You'll get plenty of wine to blend! We encourage attendees to take Uber, Lyft, a taxi, or the Sprinter train to and from class.


$89/person or $59/person for wine club members

*Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Class space is limited to 6 people per session, so we appreciate your understanding!

Want to join in the fun? E-mail us at with the requested number of tickets, names of the attendees and indicate if you are a current wine club member. Once confirmed for course enrollment, you will receive an invoice via e-mail to pay online by credit card.